Thursday, February 18, 2010

For Shame

I am very disappointed in Volkswagen for this commercial:

The game ONLY involves slugbugs (VW Beetles). I mean, I was willing to accept the new beetle into the game, but not every single VW car! Volkswagen should be ashamed, they above all other entities, should know the rules for the Slugbug game.

What is worse is that when I search the term "slug bug" on the VW website, they send me to this demon spawn of a page! They know that that term is what the game is called and they still cavalierly state that the game includes all VW vehicles.

And I was very disappointed in Sluggy:

Invented the game my ass!

This is awful, not even Tracy Morgan can save this horrible injustice!

I would like to state that I accomplished three things in this blog post: (1) complained about something I truly care about (2) updated my blog to make Alan happy and (3) made a blog post featuring a video AND a picture, of Tracy Morgan.