Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[explicitive deleted]

I'm all alone in my apartment and have nothing to do. Here is a blog up date.

I've never really had to worry about employers or my parents or whatever looking at my facebook or blog or my online presence in general.

I'm trying to go on this awesome sounding field course and the organization running it is really into having their own group(s) on facebook and communicating with the people who are going on the field course through facebook. I mention this because I just got a message from one of the organizers.

This type of thing is a good idea, I know a lot of people who would not respond to my emails but would respond to my posting on their facebook wall. The issue is that now I DO have to worry about my online presence.

After I got the message I started thinking of all the potential things that would make me look undesirable to people who want to admit me into their program like the people in

I'm looking through my facebook now and I've decided to list all the things I might not want to show people who are deciding to accept me in things:

-My info page profile picture is of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed:

Head douche behind 911.
Justification: Is this not the worst/best picture of anyone ever? Who makes shirts like that?

-Me with a Hitler mustache:

Justification: I like that shirt I'm wearing. Also, that is the night SPENCER KICKED ME INTO ANNA'S COUCH, LAMP AND WINDOW.

-I put as my religious views 'Agnostic Free Masonry - UCLA Chapter' And though I don't think that it is necessarily a bad thing but I don't think anyone but a few of my friends from BASS and the agnostic free mason douche who I totally internet-DEVASTATED in a comments-argument. I should write about that and I will soon but for now that whole duel of words and retorts can be summed up in the following clip:

-I am in the following clubs:

I've seen the Pterodactyl video

"May the fetus you save be gay"

Every time a cute person is religious a part of me dies

Stop losing your fucking phones

There's probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.

Ok wow. I had to stretch on a few of those because I don't have nearly as much offensive stuff on my facebook as I thought there would be. Now there are some things that I put on my facebook that would make me look weird or immature but I don't think are necessarily offensive. And one might argue that all the atheist stuff might not come off to great but I figured that if some organization/employer/whatever decides not to admit/employ/whatever me based on my atheism then they are not people I'd probably want to work for. Furthermore, I find that super religious people would probably still want me because they could convert me. I come off as not being sure of my atheism to a lot of people, specifically this Lutheran pastor at my school, so they all think that they could easily get me on the right path.

Hmm that should do it for a good update-blog-post. I graduated the other day, that's cool.

Joe Creason