Sunday, December 19, 2010

Post Undergrad!

Well so far I have done NOTHING but play video games and eaten crap since I graduated and dammit does it feel fantastic. I haven't updated in awhile and I figured I should be more on top of a blog I made to discuss my academic exploits especially since I will not be in academia for a little bit.

I will make the ultimate Majora's Mask awesome that you'll want to watch it for it's glory alone.

I also got my camera and camera misc in my hands once more so I'll try to take more photos and stuff.

Finally, my favoritest video on the internet atm:

Joe Creason

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grad Schools

I applied to get my MA in anthropology (Muggle Studies) at the following schools:


Officially I am half-way applied to all those schools, I applied to them on CSUmentor and finished that crap and now I gotta:
A) Get letters of recommendation which is becoming kinda annoying
B) Write a statement of purpose/submit a sample of my writing
C) Do the GRE and score well because I messed up at UCLA and have a crappy GPA.

So to say I am half-way done is kinda optimistic but whatever...I have until freaking Feb. and March to do all that stuff so yeah TAKE THAT!

Goal for Winter Break: sleep and read and FINALLY finish the Majora's Mask Walkthrough I have strive to perfect.

Regards,Joe Creason

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just for you, Dave

The new Karate Kid movie was actually pretty good. I wish they stuck with the title Kung Fu Kid instead though...I doubt that someone wouldn't have seen it unless it had some association with the original movie...I mean, A Fistful of Dollars was still freaking badass and awesome, they didn't need to name it Yojimbo! (Yes I know that was a long time ago when they made those movies.)

Still trying to get into grad schools, need to write my statement of purpose.

Joe Creason

Saturday, October 2, 2010

AIM Screen names...A trip down memory lane

During the high school portion of my identity crisis/classic adolescent attempt to define myself I kept changing screen names...a lot. The following is a list of screen names that I used to use:

- When it was cool to be into hardcore* and put x's in your name. I don't recall why I made this name, might have been a character I
made up for a comic book.

- Reference to Hellboy.

c0deless - I think this is still connected to my cellphone and is always online.

Capt Lightner
- Another character I made up, I later met a person irl with the last name Lightner. He was nothing like the character I made up.

cliffthesnail - Joke name, when I was a kid I used to have pet snails and would name them Clifford.

cup0joseph - I still kinda like this name.

- "Der Luft Affe" a drawing of a flying ape I made in my German class in high school. My German is non-existent and I took 4 years of it.

ejactulati0n boy
- Joke name I made with these old friends I had...some sort of awkward teen super hero I would hope?

- Oh boy, when I was punx and was making fun of Good Charlotte!

Ink Jet Kid - Ooooooooold name I made, I liked the sound of "ink jet"

JOE meets World
- I used this one for awhile and even wanna kinda use it again...maybe.

- Another WWII character I made up named after I think a British nickname for the lee-enfield rifle...though I don't think he used one.

- Oldest screen name** ever...I think "Myne" was a Dragon Ball Z character I made up.

- Back in the day when it was punx to make fun of "scenesters". Now it is more proper to make fun of hipsters and I consider scenester to no longer be a pejorative...linguistic evolution!

- Deep...I am glad I moved on from whatever life stage I was in when I made this screen name.

- This is a quote said by Dale Gribble on King of the Hill. It still sounds kind of cool and like a weird euphemism for masturbation...
Here is a video from the scene:

Pro Nazi Hunter
- Another WWII referenced name, my profile said, "I'm on to you Nazi..."

SAR castic Mint
- My friend Corey had a dream where he was sitting in an airplane and saw a compass on the ground at his feet. He then somehow summoned the compass and it floated up to his hands...this was the dream. Based on this dream he changed his screen name to "TheFlyingCompass" and the "SAR castic Mint" is the first name I could come up with copying that name.

- A joke-hardcore band (or they could just be considered really posi) named Good Clean Fun song making fun of all the stereotypical things associated with Straight Edge crews...

Shrub Gnome
- Don't remember the origin of this name...

thats soOo ska
- At a family Christmas thing my cousin Ben commented on a See's Candies bag and said, "That's so ska". I was also pretty into ska at that point...pickitup pickitup pickitup.

- Me copying the LiveJournal name of someone who posted photos of hardcore shows (which in retrospect weren't anything special). His name was "xsheepx" and looking back on it now, he really didn't listen to all too great hardcore either. He was from the UK so maybe the UK just has lame hardcore bands?

- Probably the dumbest screen name ever.

I liked compiling this list because it gave me a chance to stroll down memory lane. Usually when I think about my past-self I actually get sorta down but this was a more positive-feeling-inducing entry.

*This is a kind of music that is pretty much punk but if anything, faster and with more bursts of gang vocals sprinkled throughout their songs. I guess it is more proper to call it "hardcore punk" but there are so many sub-genres within it that it seems kind of--too much, to have a sub-genre with different sub-genres. It is kind of annoying telling people that I listen to hardcore music because (a)they either make really bad jokes about how serious or pissed off a band can sound like or be about a topic (b)the only hardcore bands people are super crappy Christian bands.

**And I know I have even more screen names. The oldest one had "papercut" in the name.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Atheist Know More about Religion than Religious Folk

All the hip atheist bloggers are talking about this survey that was held by the Pew Forum On Religion & Public Life testing American's knowledge on religion. Though I wouldn't say that my blog is primarily about atheism or anything I think this is a good current event topic that I can write about and establish that I am in fact irreligious.

In fact, like Douglas Adams, I wouldn't mind being labeled as a "radical atheist" just to make sure that ppl don't leave thinking that I might just be agnostic :p

But back on topic, these findings don't really surprise me and I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't surprise religious folks. Pretty much here is a run down of how high different religious groups scored (good job Jews and Mormons btw):

I later took the quiz myself and scored a 13/15 which I am rather upset by.

You can take the quiz as well if you want.

Joe Creason

Friday, September 17, 2010

Haha, awesome.

Here is a lovely photo of me at FYF 2010. Taken by this person:Emayoh

I was watching 7 Seconds play...

The big orange guy to the right of me I am pretty sure is the big orange guy that was wearing the jean shirt and holding up Tim Bevins in this photo I took long ago, at a Defiance, Ohio show:

Good times.

Joe Creason

Thursday, September 9, 2010

LYM10 Journal Entry 2: "Portalosers"



*Incomplete entry because some of it is in my hand written journal which I do not have access to atm 090910*

I totally dropped the journal ball. As you can see, it has been many days since my last entry [this goes for posting another entry in my blog as well]. But I think it is not too big of a deal because I don’t start digging my own special section until tomorrow. So this entry will be a summary of the peoples I am currently camping with and a little background.

I’m in Lyminge, a town in Kent, which is a county(?) in the UK. It is about a half an hour away from Canterbury. We [~40 people altogether] are camping in a huge field that is owned by this guy named Neil Mullins. He has a bunch of dogs and the field we are camping on is freaking huge and is surrounded by other freaking huge fields. [You could have fit 2-3 soccer fields onto the field that we were camping on.]

The various tents.

There is a large white tent where we eat dinner and hang out in after dark, which doesn’t come until 10 at night. There are also two showering carts—they look like they are trailers that could be hooked up to a truck or something, there is a chuck wagon where they serve us dinner that is also like a trailer. There are then six porta-lous (portapotties), which are gross [I mostly relied on the restrooms at the pub, cafĂ© or China China]. Finally, there are a few food storage blocks and there are a bunch of tents on the opposite side of the field from the porta-lous and showers, which hold a bunch of field school students, volunteers, supervisors and instructors [Prof Thomas (Thomas, Gabor or Gabs from now on) stayed in a trailer closer to Neil’s house].

Both taken inside the Marquee.

I’m gonna list bullet-pt style all the folk that I have met so far. A basic summary is that there are a lot of girls. The majority of them are cute. There are a few guys and they all seem cool and are probably cute as well. The British people are all very nice and a lot of the guys listen to cheesy metal.
[As I’ve probably mentioned already, these are my earlier impressions of all of the folk so don’t get all bent out of shape if I said something stupid!]

Field Students:


1. Colin – 21 Goes to CSU Sac, for some reason seems very familiar…He is a white guy in dreadlocks but I still like him, so that must mean he really is a pretty cool guy.
2. Holly – 21(?) Also goes to UCLA and worked in a lab with me for Fall and Winter qtrs last year.
3. Joanna – 20(?) Also goes to UCLA. She left a week into the course though.
4. Kamyla(?) – 22(?) Also from UCLA, she is very tall.
5. Kelsey- 20(?) Also from Indiana and also goes to Purdue. Pretty funny, does a good Christopher Walken impression.
6. Kendra – 21(?) Goes to UCI and is one of the few girls that drinks regular Coke [She told me that she will drive-thru Del-taco in order to buy a large coke, she has never eaten there at all.]
7. Kristen – 20(?) Goes to LMU Chicago and knows a lot about bio anthro stuffs
8. Liz – 20(?) She goes to a school in Conn.
9. Malcolm – 26 year old from Alaska. He also listens to metal and is goofy and super nice.
10. Michael – 20 Goes to UCLA token Mexican. [I think I wrote this because Michael was sitting next to me and I thought he was looking at what I was writing or he told me to write it. Or I’m racist.]
11. Nikki – 19 Also really tall and goes to Yale. She is really good at doing a Ukrainian accent. [Nikki became my official favorite lady student on this trip.]
12. Oliver – 24 Also goes to UCLA and I have had a couple of courses with him. [Oliver became my favorite man student on this trip.]
13. Patty-Jean – 20 From Indiana and goes to Purdue—really Mid Westernie. She is a geek there you go. She is also bossy.
14. Rachel – 21(?) Goes to Cal, she sat in poisoned “nettles” [She was worried about that being brought up a lot by people but I told her not to worry because not only was my trowel accident more ridiculous, it was also archaeologically-themed.]
15. and 16. Rachel and Justin, respectively – 22(both?) A couple, one is really quiet and the other is kind of annoying. [They both turned out aiight.]
16. Rebekah(?) – 22 Goes to Colorado U(?) I end up hanging out with her and Kendra and Kelsey a lot. [Since I don’t think I mention this in any other entries I wrote, there was a running joke that Bekah has punched a shark which became a legend about her based on hearing all the travels and things she has done in the past (she did a cattle run, worked with troubled Russian youths in I think someplace like Siberia…and after the dig she went deep sea diving in Mexico and though she didn’t say she was, I figured she was gonna dive for exotic pearls or Atlantis.]

1. Ben – (25) From Kentucky. He is willing to sacrifice his body to win any sports game.
4. Taras – (23) Ukrainian. He is an assistant to Wendy.
1. Warren – (20) Large and extroverted. He is dating Liz and they are adorable.
3. Zoe – (29) Goes to Reading? Really into fairies.

Joe Creason

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

LYM10 Journal Entry 1: "Fourtoe"

July 8, 2010

“Four Toe”

Because a lot of stuff happened to me today I picked tonight to start writing an ‘archeological journal’. I really got here a few days ago on Sunday. This is probably a better time to start this anyways because I know the people a bit more and I won’t just complain about how obnoxious it was to get here via the UK train system [though I did giggle every time I heard the town name, Cockfosters].

So far the average day has consisted of us (19 students and 16 staff peoples) waking up to silly songs played on one of the staff member’s cars, eating [a cold breakfast of mainly toast and cereal stuffs…and of course, tea] and then walking for 15 minutes from our campsite which is on a large field owned by a really British guy named Neil, to a Methodist Church in the town of Lyminge. We then sit and hear a lecture until 10:30 am when we have a 30 minute tea break. Then we either do an exercise that revolves around archaeology or we go to the field site and dig.
Today we went and learned about stratigraphy at the church and then at 11 we went and dug. I got up late for some reason so I did not eat any lunch. This was the first lame part of the day. [This sounds kind of odd even to me but I can only assume that I meant that I did not have enough time in the morning to make a lunch due to my waking up late.]

Also, because this is England, I was worried about the rain. But so far it has been really sunny and hot, and when we dig we do so on a site that is composed primarily of white chalk. So we got the sun hitting our backs and it reflecting off the chalk into our faces. I was already sun burnt and I did get more sun burnt today but it wasn’t a big deal. But as always I was sweating like a robot that was made to sweat a crap load [I’m a little embarrassed of this simile] and drank lots of water. During our lunch break I at one good kiwi and two bad ones…I think I'm getting too detailed…

This is what was lame about today: I was throwing my trowel into the dirt at the site trying to get it to stick up from the ground. I was getting really good at it and so I was trying to do it really fast and that is where I effed up. I threw the trowel into my foot. It went straight threw the thin layer of nylon on the top of my shoe and stabbed into my toe. At first I thought that I could just walk it off but when it still kept hurting I took my foot out of my shoe and saw a hole with blood seeping out at the top end of my right foot. I knew I needed a Band-Aid but also knew that EVERYONE would not stop making fun of me, so I asked Rebekah (CO College student) for a Band-Aid w/o telling her why. She looked and asked me why I needed it and I told her a vague story about a cut on my toe.

Here it is, a couple of weeks after the initial event.

She then told me that I should go and ask Helen for a Band-Aid and that I probably should tell her what happened. So I did and went to clean out my toe. The gash looked awesome and I sprayed it with the hose that was on site. Then Helen, this super nice British woman who I guess is also in charge of first aid, came and looked at my foot for a while. I think I got a lot of attention about my toe and that pretty much let everyone know that I threw the trowel into my foot.
I got the nickname Fourtoe from John a supervisor, I got made fun of a lot (not in a malicious manner) and then I sealed the deal by also cutting my finger with my pocketknife while trying to carve a monkey head into my trowel's handle. [I still need to finish that.]

Me being dumb enough to stab my toe with my trowel made Neil want to know my first AND last name, which was odd but whatever.
All and all, I guess it is a good thing that today so far has been the worst day I’ve had since I've been here considering it wasn't soo bad.
I’ll write more about everyone and the site tomorrow, hopefully. [I didn’t.]

Beginning of the Lym 10 Journals

Okay so since I have been doing nothing but sleeping, being upset at M. Night Shymalfuck for butchering a wonderful cartoon show and eating high-octane garbage AND attacked by ants I figured with a month left before school I should really try and crap out this journal I was writing.

There aren't too many entries but the ones that are there I will supplement with my own biting commentary which will be written in brackets, and photos. I also will utilize the tagging system to organize them and stuff.

I should also mention that I describe ppl or talk about ppl and when I did I was sometimes in a pretty bad mood and probably said mean or curt things. I'm over exaggerating about this a little but just in case it turns out that ppl are just uber sensitive or care very much about my opinion of them I should state that when I did write something in a mean spirited way, the very next day I felt like a total douche for doing so. Either that, or by the end of the trip I was totally cool with the person. So you have been warned.

Lastly, I did edit these for grammar and repetitive issues and so yeah, though I tried to keep them the same, I got sick of how many times I incorrectly spelled the word 'trowel'.

Joe Creason

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well I came back alive from England. I had fun and met a lot of great ppl and I have a lot of journal entries and photos (plus one really short lame video) to post so score!

The bummer is that my computer died while I was there and pretty much half of my entries were hand written. Those entries are probably the most archaeological-themed entries I have too. So I need to rewrite those entries. I also need to edit them and add in commentary. I also took a lot of photos and so I need to Photoshop those and caption them and stuff.

I have awhile before school starts so this will actually come true within a few weeks!

Joe Creason

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Going to England

Right now I am at LAX waiting for my flight to board, which is at 4:30pm. I bought the t-mobile internet-Wi-Fi thing so I am trying to only do internet related stuff in order to get my money's worth. Besides watching Netflix I can't really think of anything else to do so I'll make a blog post.

I'll hopefully take a crap load of pictures this time around. And I won't lose my gaddamn CF card with all my good pictures like I did in Costa Rica. These pictures are gonna feature English stuff and archaeology so get ready to have your minds blown!

Also obviously finalizing my Eugene Mirman drawing is on hold for pretty much five weeks but Ariel has totally expressed interest in adding color to the drawing which is pretty sweet.

Regards,Joe Creason

Friday, June 25, 2010

Me attempting art again

I have recently listened to Eugene Mirman's newest Stand-Up album and it is probably the his best album in density of laughage. What I mean by that is all of his albums are great but this one I believe Eugene has finally become the "comedic missile" he has always wished to be.

Another wonderful part about this album is that he wrote a radio-theater play with 3 acts and everything! It is unbelievably hilarious and he gets other comedians to perform different roles and stuff. Here it is on YouTube:

**I suggest that you listen to the thing first otherwise you will not only have one of the gags spoiled for you but you will also not get what the hell is going on**

Near the end of it there is a joke that I found hilarious and I was so inspired that I drew a picture in reference to the joke. Here is a VERY rough sketch of what I hope to clean up and eventually coax my artistically literate friend Ariel to make colorful and pretty:

Basically Eugene complains about Delta Airlines and I also HATE Delta Airlines. On my way back from Costa Rica they charged for watching movies and TV shows. They didn't just say, "hey buy these headphones and you can watch whatever you want" they made it so each individual movie and episode cost money! This isn't freakin' Orwellian 1984!

What I hope to ultimately do is send this to Eugene, have him write me back telling me how awesome I am, Change the background of his website to this sketch and finally help me reach my goal of becoming rich and famous then end up living in and out of rehab centers.

Joe Creason

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bands that I have seen live (Updated Jan. 30, 2011)

I won't be redundant, read the title. I have made a rating system: (****)Best band seen live; (***)Great live; (**)Alright/weren't bad live; (*)sucked live.

7 Seconds ****
A Silver Mt. Zion ***
Ampere ***
Andrew Jackson Jihad ***
Big Freedia ***
Billy Idol ***
Bomb the Music Industry **
Bouncing Souls ***
Breather Resist **
Bridge and Tunnel **
Bullets In (2) ***
Calculators (not sure of name)***
Cap'n Jazz ****
Ceremony **
Dangers (4)****
Defiance, Ohio ***
Devo ****
Dillinger Four ****
Dogs of Ire ***
Endzweck ***
Envy ****
Explosions in the Sky ***
Final Fight (3?) ***
Flogging Molly **
From Ashes Rise **
Fucked Up *
Funeral Diner ***
Ghostlimb **
Graf Orlock (4?) ***
Paint it Black ****
Hit Me Back ***
Ima Robot *
Kerretta ***
La Banda Skalavera ***
La Sera **
Lemuria **
No Age **
OFF! **
Panda Bear *
Pietasters **
Propagandhi ***
Screaming Females ***
Sinaloa ****
Sleep ***
Some Girls (2) **
Starpool **
Streetlight Manifesto ****
Tears for Fears ****
Ted Leo and the Rx (2 kinda) ****
The Gossip ***
The Joggers **
The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower **
The Queers ***
The Sea Monsters *
This Bike is a Pipe bomb **
Toys That Kill (2) **
Two Gallants **
United States of Electronica **
Weezer (2)***
Whoa Hunx **
Yaphet Kotto ***

NB: There are bands that I absolutely love listening to, but still did not get a (****) and there are even bands that I don't particularly listen too that have gotten (****)'s or (***)'s.

I have a bunch of bands that I'm kind of embarrassed to have seen that I will list:

Bands that...I've seen...:(
The Get-up Kids (they did put on a great show)

Joe Creason

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Everyone has a Tumblr now, I feel left out. However I dislike the fact that they spell 'tumbler' without the 'e'. What are they a Nu-Metal band or something?

Puddle of Mudd
Limp Bizkit

Joe Creason

Thursday, February 18, 2010

For Shame

I am very disappointed in Volkswagen for this commercial:

The game ONLY involves slugbugs (VW Beetles). I mean, I was willing to accept the new beetle into the game, but not every single VW car! Volkswagen should be ashamed, they above all other entities, should know the rules for the Slugbug game.

What is worse is that when I search the term "slug bug" on the VW website, they send me to this demon spawn of a page! They know that that term is what the game is called and they still cavalierly state that the game includes all VW vehicles.

And I was very disappointed in Sluggy:

Invented the game my ass!

This is awful, not even Tracy Morgan can save this horrible injustice!

I would like to state that I accomplished three things in this blog post: (1) complained about something I truly care about (2) updated my blog to make Alan happy and (3) made a blog post featuring a video AND a picture, of Tracy Morgan.