Thursday, May 29, 2008

I now put ZZ Top to Shame

Being Single

I complain about this a lot but hopefully I won't fall into that type of post tonight but yeah being single makes me have the ability to not deny the following,

I have a crush on every girl. Ever.

It's true, it's kind of interesting to think about because this is one of the few times I am aware of the power girls have over me. You it well ladies, don't get cocky and power hungry with it.

But seriously folks, my short attention span cannot handle stopping whatever I'm doing at a given time whenever I think, "Hey is she wearing sandals, or flats?" I need to make things count in this fast past world here!

I now see that saying anymore on this subject will be just straight-up, low-down complaining about girl problems which is really not necessary. Therefore, I shall wrap this post up.

To explain my blog title, I now possess the most manly beard ever. No, not really. Apparently people think that having really long, borderline-red colored patches of hair on my face look good on me. So far it makes me fear that people think I should have a goatee, and having one offends me so much people.

Stay clean, clear and in charge people.

Joe Creason

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm starting to do finger stretches

Seriously. It has reached the point where I take wayyy too many notes in class and when I study/do homework that my fingers on my right hand hurt like all hell. So pretty much every chance I remember to do so I'm gonna stretch out the fingers, get them little sweatbands, sleeveless t-shirts and maybe even some ipods to listen to while working out...

Anyways, Walking up to my dorm I saw a box of pizza abandoned on the railing of the stairs leading to the floor where my room is located. No on was around and it was I believe 20 minutes to 1:00 am so it was kind of odd...Then later a little bit before 2:00 am I saw just outside the laundry room a box exactly like the to-go boxes you'd get from In-n-Out just sitting right at the bottom of the door which opens to the laundry room.
This was even weirder and I finally figured out the most logical reason for both of these happenings!

A Victorian-era big-game hunter clad in safari clothes and cap with a bushy mustache and monocle has gotten tired with the pedestrian hunt of tigers and lions and evil hybrids of the two, and has decided the hunt the most deadly game of all: hungry college students.

I luckily wasn't hungry but next time I see a suspicious plate of fries on the ground or a bear-trap I'll give the gentlemen hunter a good time.

I was reminded that having a beard gives one the chance to hide their double-chin so I'm gonna try for one again. We Creasons have proud Native American blood coursing through our veins and therefore growing facial hair is impossible but dammit, I hate this double-chin!

Yeah, now that's a blog post!
Joe Creason

Sunday, May 4, 2008

If I wanted tattoos

I'd get science-ie ones. They're so cool and kind of bizarre. I definitely want an Evolution one or I drew one making fun of Michael Behe's Irreducible Complexity flagella example, I think I'll find that picture and post it...

Anyways, all of these I like but I still wouldn't get...maybe the African Sausage tree one.

I saw Expelled, Darwin is the reason why everything is wrong with this world. That dick.

I'll post more later.
Joe Creason