Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Monkeys can be used for political ladder climbing

I need to post more frequently, and I need to explain the following:

Who the hell I am

The origin of this blog's title

And more relevant non-complaining stuff in general.

I shall try my darn'dist to do the above three, maybe even one tonight! But until now, look at why monkeys will always be important:
Monkeys become deadly menace in Delhi
Monkeys become deadly menace in Delhi

Friday, December 14, 2007

Right on, man.

Last night at 12:42 am my brother called me in the middle of a study group to ask the following.
"Hey Joe."
"Dude, are you gay?"
"Are you fucking serious?"
"Yea--are you drunk?"
"Yeah but, like does mom and Jon [my step-dad] know about it?"
"Well Jon knows bu--"
"No, no, no. Fuck it, I don't care, good for you, being gay, that's what you want to be so yeah, I don't care."
"Alright. Um, I gotta go cause I'm studying."
"Alright see ya later."
"So long."

That's probably the nicest thing my brother has said to me. The best part it is that it isn't even true, now I need to get my parents to get in on the joke.

One more final, I swear to god.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oooh What she gonna doooo, with a spachila, against two gunssss ohhhhh

I shall start this post with a topic that has nothing to do with the rest of this post. Douglas Adams kicks ass. I'm cheating and listening to his audiobook of the Hitchhikers' Guide series and it's awesome. I defend my not reading it by arguing that I have finals and a lot of school crap and cannot have lights on past midnight cause my roommate can't sleep with any lights on at all, annnnnd I heard on SGU* that the audiobook is really bad ass. And it is! But anyways, although I realize that I'm not right now, I might catch myself attempting to write like he does so from here on out just play the following game. Every time you see a bad joke-irony-deadpan absurd Joseph Heller-esque statement you can take a drink (I hope it's already assumed that people drink hard liquor when reading blogs, if not you haven't lived). So the jokes were put in not because I thought they were funny, but because I want people to play a game and read! And that is all.


I've only taken one final this week and I already want to post a look back at my first quarter at UCLA. I won't end up writing a quality post because it is also late and the people who now read this probably heard the majority of what I would bitch about anyways.

To be short: This was nothing like how I thought or wanted it to be at all, and usually it never is but usually it's never this bad. And at the same time I don't really hate it here. I like the idea of going to UCLA, I like knowing I go to UCLA, I like the classes and the professors and the dorm food and the people in my dorm.

But at the same time I hate my progress in my classes, the way I waste time and my living situation. I already feel lame talking about my roommate as much as I already do, and I would feel even more lame if I complained in my blog about everything. But I won't submit to my lameness and complain until I max out my max amount of symbols, which I think is impossible. I'll just say one thing, tonight isn't the only night I've had to go on the computer only in the bathroom and not in my dormroom.

I also hate how more and more absurd it's getting to try and get my BS. I should take it off my email sig. and other items I've put Anthropology BS in instead, I'm still technically getting a BA right now and as luck is probably going to have it, I probably will end up with it. I feel stupid for doing that now, but at the same time, meh. I need to stop complaining.

I have taken photos while I've been at UCLA and I think I will post them sooner or later, but most of them suck. I am so glad I didn't try and get on the Daily Bruin, I would have had no time to make an impression or to put into any assignments that I might receive.

Crap, it's 3:15 and I have Chem. Primate Behavior and Philosophy to study for, so yeah, I am gonna cut this mo' short.

Good night.

PS-There were 57 times you could have potentially taken a drink while reading this.

*SGU-Skeptic's Guide to the Universe