Monday, June 30, 2008

Things I forget about during my sleep binges...

I slept probably 30 hours straight starting Friday at 5 or 6 pm and had a lot of weird thoughts/dreams whilst doing so.

Because it is hotter than a hot machine on hot day working overtime cause the heater broke, (it was just hot as hell in my lair cause all the heat collects where I live) I probably went crazy during my almost two days of sleep.

Well the reason why I chose this as a topic of my blog is cause whilst sleeping at a family thing I went to earlier today, I had a dream that I should make a bunch of playlists for different themes. What's more is that I had a dream that I should post about making a bunch of playlists on my blog. Also, I'm not sure if I had a dream about having those dreams, or if I had a separate dream for each of those dreams or just one dream where I dreamed that I had a separate dream involving each of those dreams.

What was amazing about that last sentence was that halfway through it I stopped paying attention to what I was typing and then I reread it and it still makes sense in my mind because I really have no idea which situation I truly experienced.

My roommate is singing in the shower right now, dude it's like 1:24 am! People are trying to write bad blog posts!
Joe Creason

Friday, June 13, 2008

No, seriously,

Joe Creason

Thursday, June 12, 2008

That might just be the case

I might just be sleep-deprived, depressed as all hell, sick, exhausted both mentally and physically, bitter, pissed, annoyed, frustrated, flustered, and absurdly miserable right now and that could be doing the talking here but I have one more final tomorrow before I officially finished a year of schoolin' at UCLA.

And it freaking sucked like no other. I haven't used this blog for anything new at all. I promise I'll write about monkeys and academic stuff, honest.

That stuff requires a less pissed off Joe though, colobines don't deserve such a character talking about them. I think the one thing I learned for sure is, monkeys are definitely more interesting than people. Why? People are douchebags' why.

Joe Creason

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wearing only band shirts

Is definitely one of my best worthless habits I have chosen to maintain for the following 2 and a half reasons.

1. Whilst wearing my Final Fight shirt, I met kate on campus who also enjoys hardcore. UCLA doesn't have kids who listen to hardcore, I think it was against their policy or something and as a transfer I scammed my way in...

2. Just yesterday someone said nice shirt to me referring to my shirt! If you need more details, it was a punk-err punx! band named Ampere. At UCLA there are people who have heard of Ampere but they're Electrical Engineering majors and they know a different non-band Ampere, i.e. what amp is short for. Hey! I managed to squeeze in a science fact!
This one gets better cause said person Mallory also is good at photography, she's just so far pretty awesome but I think one more comment in regards to her will officially be creepy...ok it kind of is already I know.

and the Half. For this I was clad in a Swings Kids shirt and also by way of BASS met a good friend Vince. He made it obvious that he knew of the band and since then has made it very obvious that he knows of a lot of bands. Very.

Why half you say? That is a half short of one! Well Vince by way of not caring for Swing Kids later let me in on his thought of me based upon that shirt, that I was some douchebag Swing Kids fan.

Thus it follows that that was a total Dick-thought, -1/2.

Anyways, I am only blogging cause yeah, I never do.
Joe Creason