Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Internet speak I will use.

I am glad that I do not use the following internet-ized terms:

u, instead of you

r, instead of are or I've even seen our replaced with r




Making this list had made me realize that over the years I have been slowly using more and more of these corruptions of words. Here are the ones I do use:






and ppl, which is the newest one.

See what happens when I try to update this piece more frequently? You get worthless posts like this one.

Joe Creason

Monday, August 10, 2009

I don't hate religious stuff

This is gonna be a rather quick blog post because several people have been under the impression that I hate all things religious. I'm gonna write this blog to make sure I have something to refer people to who think this about me.

I totally went to Costa Rica for 28 days and it was freaking fun as all hell and I met a lot of awesome people. I'll have a hardcore post on that trip soon I swear.

OK. Several times people have come to me with stories pertaining religious stuff. People talking about church or Sunday school, people praying, co-worker A is super religious--those types of stories.

The problem I have with these conversations that come up is that they end with a slam on religion in some from and people look at me for approval or will flat out say, "Don't you hate religion?"

A few months back that quote was said to me after the speaker pointed out Muslim students doing one of the 5 prayers that they do near the campus bookstore. They were brought to my attention and then it was suggested to me by the speaker that we should go and do something malicious to them or make fun of them (I can't remember the exact thing the guy said to me).

OK. I know that I was formally the president of BASS. I know that I used to table on bruin walk a lot, and sitting behind a sign that read, "Ask an atheist." I know I am an atheist and like to be (not "in your face") open with the fact that I'm an atheist.

BUT. All those things don't mean that I hate religion. I agree that religion has and is, responsible for A LOT of crappy things in this world but it still is a HUGE part of billions of people's lives. I have many friends who are religious, I've gone to church with some of them on Sundays in the past.

The short version of this post is: I don't hate religion, I don't enjoy mocking it. At all.

Joe Creason