Friday, December 14, 2007

Right on, man.

Last night at 12:42 am my brother called me in the middle of a study group to ask the following.
"Hey Joe."
"Dude, are you gay?"
"Are you fucking serious?"
"Yea--are you drunk?"
"Yeah but, like does mom and Jon [my step-dad] know about it?"
"Well Jon knows bu--"
"No, no, no. Fuck it, I don't care, good for you, being gay, that's what you want to be so yeah, I don't care."
"Alright. Um, I gotta go cause I'm studying."
"Alright see ya later."
"So long."

That's probably the nicest thing my brother has said to me. The best part it is that it isn't even true, now I need to get my parents to get in on the joke.

One more final, I swear to god.


Roy said...

Dude, that's hilarious.

But seriously, are you gay?

And, wtf, the word verification image is "eokxly." Almost sounds like a chemical name.

Joey said...

That's amazing

Sam said...

Are you gay or not gay?

And really, what the heck does "Agnostically Atheistic" mean in the first place? It's not nice to lie to other people on the internets!