Friday, April 25, 2008

And I can't even pronouce it...

PZ Myers' blog except for Alan's blog, is probably the only actual blog I read folks.
So quickly has he become my favorite skeptic.
I will post more, but right now I'm miserable and I refuse to livejournal this blog up know what I'm sayin?

Joe Creason


David said...

Good times with the livejournals.

David said...

Just went to phrayngula. Amazing. "Impeccable logic" was I can't believe the stuff that was coming out of that guy's mouth... Such a fallacious morass of horrible ad populom (sp?) and slippery slope. Hilarious.

He air quoted "multiple disciplines" and didn't understand what it meant. And then air quoted "hard data."

We need to stop this, joe. With every weapon at our disposal.

Joe Creason said...

Although yes, we do need to stop this, I'm pretty sure that that guy was joking, haha.

Alan said...

Does that mean I'm your second-favorite skeptic?

Atheisterist said...

Bastard, you don't like my blog? I shall never forgive, nevaaarr!