Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Last quarter was my best quarter ever at UCLA:

Anthro 186P Cultural Evolution : A

Anthro 131 Misc. Topics in Culture : A-

Anthro 149A Language and Identity : B

ESS 116 Paleontology : B-

I must admit that _every_single_ grade I ended up with was a shock to me. 186P and 116 I was praying for a C- because I didn't do so well on the midterms. I do not know how I got an A in 186P. I miss semesters because back when I was at LBCC I was having the same problem I have at UCLA: I mess up on the midterms. But in semester you had more than just a midterm and a final going towards your final grade and much more time to get your crap together.

I was surprised by my grade in Language and Identity because I actually thought I was for sure getting an A. I got an A- on the midterm, I showed up to all the classes, I turned in almost all of the questions we were required to make about our readings AND the professor LOVED me. The latter NEVER happens, professors and teachers are either indifferent towards me or annoyed by me/dislike me. The ignore thing isn't surprising considering there are a billion people in all my classes. But I shocked by this grade and it turned out that I got a low B on the final and on the group project that I was apart of. The latter was even more confusing because those are ALWAYS giveaway As and our presentation went well.

The thing that also bugged me was that my prof for that class might not like me as much because of how poorly I did in the end. I need to get letters of recommendations out of these people and the universal policy professors have is "if you got an A in my class I'll write one for you" I dunno, maybe she'll still like me. I did get an A in the head of our departments class though, and I'm taking another one with him this quarter, that would be awesome if that resulted in a letter of recommendation. God knows I need them.

That reminds me, I have absolutely no idea what I'm gonna do after I graduate. Not a single clue. I'm serious.

How's that for a post, eh?

Joe Creason

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