Sunday, October 18, 2009

I am absurdly into the show "Lost" right now. All I do is watch episodes then look up stuff on Lostpedia and then watch episodes. What I like about Lostpedia is that for every article there is a theories article that includes different people's theories for whatever the original article discussed.

I was just reading the theories second for a character on the show named Desmond Hume:

"Through time travel Charlie forgets his name and becomes Desmond.

The Hume family returns to the island but arrive in the 60's. Because Desmond lived on the island, ... Charlie survives. Eliose, haveing seen the whole thing, takes in Charlie and give him to a family. Charlie grows up to be Desmond.
+ Eliose said that the island wasn't through with desmond yet. He will return.
+ We have seen nothing of Desmond's childhood.
+ This is why Elloise keeps setting Desmond to his Island destiny
# Se did the same with Daniel.
# She makes him choose his destiny in Flashes Before Your Eyes.
# She tells him he will go back 316
* This is POSSIBLE genetically. Adult Desmond passes 1/2 his genes to his charlie, Penny passes 1/2 her genes to her son all in all Charlie/Desmond ends up with some Genes from his penny and some from himself.(genes are like cards shuffled in a game) this would wrap up the time loop nicely
o Where did the other half oth Desmond's genes come from?
+ They always existed in a time loop like Richard's compass
o haha he did his mom lol "

Ah yes, the Grandfather paradox. Pretty gross.

Joe Creason

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