Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beginning of the Lym 10 Journals

Okay so since I have been doing nothing but sleeping, being upset at M. Night Shymalfuck for butchering a wonderful cartoon show and eating high-octane garbage AND attacked by ants I figured with a month left before school I should really try and crap out this journal I was writing.

There aren't too many entries but the ones that are there I will supplement with my own biting commentary which will be written in brackets, and photos. I also will utilize the tagging system to organize them and stuff.

I should also mention that I describe ppl or talk about ppl and when I did I was sometimes in a pretty bad mood and probably said mean or curt things. I'm over exaggerating about this a little but just in case it turns out that ppl are just uber sensitive or care very much about my opinion of them I should state that when I did write something in a mean spirited way, the very next day I felt like a total douche for doing so. Either that, or by the end of the trip I was totally cool with the person. So you have been warned.

Lastly, I did edit these for grammar and repetitive issues and so yeah, though I tried to keep them the same, I got sick of how many times I incorrectly spelled the word 'trowel'.

Joe Creason

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