Thursday, February 10, 2011


The Verizon iPhone came out today and I have been bitching about getting one since August. I'm kind of bummed that I didn't go and sit in a long line like an idiot in order to possibly get one.

Nothing exciting has happened. I went to my first metal show and it was pretty much what I expected. Girls at punx shows are wayyyyy cuter.

February 15th Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris are debating a couple of Rabbis
, neither of which are Rabbi Boteach who is a total jerkface imo. I want to go and get Hitch to sign a copy of my favorite book of his The Missionary Position. I'm hoping to get him to write, "Stay classy" or something.

Finally I sent in one grad application and I'm revising a paper I wrote in 2009 that I need to send as a sample of my writing. I've sent in my transcripts and all that is needed on my part is pretty much covered. I basically have to make sure that the three professors that I asked for letters of rec send in the letters in time. I contacted them a few days ago and not one has responded. This totally blows and I am frustrated about this because February 15th is also when my CSUN app and letters of rec are due and that is next Tuesday. I cannot wait until all this is done and I can just play Zelda in peace.

Joe Creason

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