Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Okay, Some Goals, Science-dammit!

This blog is just me bitching I know I know. I should stop and actually do what I wanted to do in making a new blog, and what is that you ask? Well consider,

1. I wanted to have a more professional blog to discuss academic-themed items with regards to my major. I wanted to talk about primatology, anthropology and possible fields within my major that I want to focus on. When I say focus on, I mean with consideration to things I like, (think are bad ass) and/or want to research for graduate school or yeah.

In any case I wanted to write about all that on a easily accessible blog site as motivation to make sure I only publish items (in the antecedent* paragraph) that I would feel comfortable in having people associate with me.

So there.

2. I also wanted to kind of make this blog in a way that it received a lot of traffic. Not like, a lot of traffic as in Richard Dawkins** where there are like a billion hints are something like that, just yeah, I don't know how to articulate what I mean exactly, right now.

3. Articulate-a-fy goal number 2.

4. Fuel my love of the following:



Argument for the sake of argument,

Really really hating people and explaining how that is not a negative attribute to have but only subject to falling victim to douchebagery.

Better articulate my writing. Through loving the style of writing "stream of conscious"-esque or with the "authentic voice" in works that I enjoy, and my constant OCD with making sure that no assumptions about my position can be made by having sentences which require like, fifty commas and me wondering whether or not I can correctly use a semi-colon and above all forgetting what the hell I was talking about by the tail end of the said sentence, which I conveniently represent with this very sentence. That, I need to stop doing.]

via writing about all that in a daily manner.

5. Because there are probably a few things I've left out because I'm getting sluggish in making this post, I have the goal to establish more goals. I know thats not a good goal to set, shut up.

6. Because I think this should be noted in everyones goal lists, I shall end with the goal to get girls with this blog. Not a good place to start but I feel I could argue that the goal to get girls is a profoundly virtuous one to have.

Joe Creason

*I feel good about fitting in that word, it sounds so cool.
**No, I do not have the false-esteem to place my caliber at a level as Dawkins, dick.

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