Friday, July 4, 2008

Man, you seriously....have a nice camera.

I just now edited a crapload of photos cause I met someone who is also into photography and it got me thinking about how I never ever take photos ever. And I don't see a reason why I don't still actively do it, I mean I actually do enjoy myself A LOT when I'm taking photos, and I'm always pissed off lately, I need to get that straightened out...

Anyways, here are the photos,
I moved to an apartment right across from a cemetery, the view is, to die for.*

Wildlife shot. No serious, this was captured in the wild, it wasn't behind a fence or nothing!

If you want to be pc, and don't want to offend your underwater dwelling chums, you'd be hip to refer to them as Sea Jellies. Not Jelly Fish, those went extinct years ago.

I'm not fully satisfied with the editing job I did on this one. So yeah, I am aware of it jerks!
Also it should be noted that this child was one of the few kids at the aquarium that Sam did not postulate as becoming some violent dictator when reaching adulthood.

Mike my first roommate here at UCLA doing a pretty good impression of me with a camera. I think this is the first time I'm no-bs saying it but the guy was the most annoying jerk to have as a roommate, auugh, UCLA really decided to pick every idea I had about going to a university and totally turn it into some backwards horrible reality that I now have to go through.

I like how cheesy this photo is.

I have more photos posted on my flickr but I figure I'll end with a photo of not one of my greatest moments. Why you ask? Well I answer such a question by first stating, dude calm down, I'm being facetious, God. But also it's rare that you get restrained by the Dark Knight and even rarer that you have a photo of such experience!

*I think you should be ashamed of yourself if you didn't find that to be a killer joke.
Joe Creason


Joey said...

I took that last one!

Domino said...

will you teach me some stuff bout photography? pleaseeee.

Royimous said...

You should be ashamed of yourself FOR using that joke.

Annabeth said...

All photos are looking so nice!! I love to capture memorable pictures in my new camera!!