Thursday, September 9, 2010

LYM10 Journal Entry 2: "Portalosers"



*Incomplete entry because some of it is in my hand written journal which I do not have access to atm 090910*

I totally dropped the journal ball. As you can see, it has been many days since my last entry [this goes for posting another entry in my blog as well]. But I think it is not too big of a deal because I don’t start digging my own special section until tomorrow. So this entry will be a summary of the peoples I am currently camping with and a little background.

I’m in Lyminge, a town in Kent, which is a county(?) in the UK. It is about a half an hour away from Canterbury. We [~40 people altogether] are camping in a huge field that is owned by this guy named Neil Mullins. He has a bunch of dogs and the field we are camping on is freaking huge and is surrounded by other freaking huge fields. [You could have fit 2-3 soccer fields onto the field that we were camping on.]

The various tents.

There is a large white tent where we eat dinner and hang out in after dark, which doesn’t come until 10 at night. There are also two showering carts—they look like they are trailers that could be hooked up to a truck or something, there is a chuck wagon where they serve us dinner that is also like a trailer. There are then six porta-lous (portapotties), which are gross [I mostly relied on the restrooms at the pub, café or China China]. Finally, there are a few food storage blocks and there are a bunch of tents on the opposite side of the field from the porta-lous and showers, which hold a bunch of field school students, volunteers, supervisors and instructors [Prof Thomas (Thomas, Gabor or Gabs from now on) stayed in a trailer closer to Neil’s house].

Both taken inside the Marquee.

I’m gonna list bullet-pt style all the folk that I have met so far. A basic summary is that there are a lot of girls. The majority of them are cute. There are a few guys and they all seem cool and are probably cute as well. The British people are all very nice and a lot of the guys listen to cheesy metal.
[As I’ve probably mentioned already, these are my earlier impressions of all of the folk so don’t get all bent out of shape if I said something stupid!]

Field Students:


1. Colin – 21 Goes to CSU Sac, for some reason seems very familiar…He is a white guy in dreadlocks but I still like him, so that must mean he really is a pretty cool guy.
2. Holly – 21(?) Also goes to UCLA and worked in a lab with me for Fall and Winter qtrs last year.
3. Joanna – 20(?) Also goes to UCLA. She left a week into the course though.
4. Kamyla(?) – 22(?) Also from UCLA, she is very tall.
5. Kelsey- 20(?) Also from Indiana and also goes to Purdue. Pretty funny, does a good Christopher Walken impression.
6. Kendra – 21(?) Goes to UCI and is one of the few girls that drinks regular Coke [She told me that she will drive-thru Del-taco in order to buy a large coke, she has never eaten there at all.]
7. Kristen – 20(?) Goes to LMU Chicago and knows a lot about bio anthro stuffs
8. Liz – 20(?) She goes to a school in Conn.
9. Malcolm – 26 year old from Alaska. He also listens to metal and is goofy and super nice.
10. Michael – 20 Goes to UCLA token Mexican. [I think I wrote this because Michael was sitting next to me and I thought he was looking at what I was writing or he told me to write it. Or I’m racist.]
11. Nikki – 19 Also really tall and goes to Yale. She is really good at doing a Ukrainian accent. [Nikki became my official favorite lady student on this trip.]
12. Oliver – 24 Also goes to UCLA and I have had a couple of courses with him. [Oliver became my favorite man student on this trip.]
13. Patty-Jean – 20 From Indiana and goes to Purdue—really Mid Westernie. She is a geek there you go. She is also bossy.
14. Rachel – 21(?) Goes to Cal, she sat in poisoned “nettles” [She was worried about that being brought up a lot by people but I told her not to worry because not only was my trowel accident more ridiculous, it was also archaeologically-themed.]
15. and 16. Rachel and Justin, respectively – 22(both?) A couple, one is really quiet and the other is kind of annoying. [They both turned out aiight.]
16. Rebekah(?) – 22 Goes to Colorado U(?) I end up hanging out with her and Kendra and Kelsey a lot. [Since I don’t think I mention this in any other entries I wrote, there was a running joke that Bekah has punched a shark which became a legend about her based on hearing all the travels and things she has done in the past (she did a cattle run, worked with troubled Russian youths in I think someplace like Siberia…and after the dig she went deep sea diving in Mexico and though she didn’t say she was, I figured she was gonna dive for exotic pearls or Atlantis.]

1. Ben – (25) From Kentucky. He is willing to sacrifice his body to win any sports game.
4. Taras – (23) Ukrainian. He is an assistant to Wendy.
1. Warren – (20) Large and extroverted. He is dating Liz and they are adorable.
3. Zoe – (29) Goes to Reading? Really into fairies.

Joe Creason


Kendra said...

Love this post! I think when people ask me about the dig, I'm just going to refer them to your blog.

P.S. Regular Coke for lifeee! I'm drinking one right now

Colin said...

Joe you is awesome. I hate reading blogs but yours entertains. Hope you saw and enjoyed Machete. I also thought you seemed really familiar.. weeeiiirrdddssssssss