Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Atheist Know More about Religion than Religious Folk

All the hip atheist bloggers are talking about this survey that was held by the Pew Forum On Religion & Public Life testing American's knowledge on religion. Though I wouldn't say that my blog is primarily about atheism or anything I think this is a good current event topic that I can write about and establish that I am in fact irreligious.

In fact, like Douglas Adams, I wouldn't mind being labeled as a "radical atheist" just to make sure that ppl don't leave thinking that I might just be agnostic :p

But back on topic, these findings don't really surprise me and I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't surprise religious folks. Pretty much here is a run down of how high different religious groups scored (good job Jews and Mormons btw):

I later took the quiz myself and scored a 13/15 which I am rather upset by.

You can take the quiz as well if you want.

Joe Creason


Royimous said...

I got 100% on the quiz. Hah!

x top ramen said...

That survey kind of sucked.