Saturday, October 2, 2010

AIM Screen names...A trip down memory lane

During the high school portion of my identity crisis/classic adolescent attempt to define myself I kept changing screen names...a lot. The following is a list of screen names that I used to use:

- When it was cool to be into hardcore* and put x's in your name. I don't recall why I made this name, might have been a character I
made up for a comic book.

- Reference to Hellboy.

c0deless - I think this is still connected to my cellphone and is always online.

Capt Lightner
- Another character I made up, I later met a person irl with the last name Lightner. He was nothing like the character I made up.

cliffthesnail - Joke name, when I was a kid I used to have pet snails and would name them Clifford.

cup0joseph - I still kinda like this name.

- "Der Luft Affe" a drawing of a flying ape I made in my German class in high school. My German is non-existent and I took 4 years of it.

ejactulati0n boy
- Joke name I made with these old friends I had...some sort of awkward teen super hero I would hope?

- Oh boy, when I was punx and was making fun of Good Charlotte!

Ink Jet Kid - Ooooooooold name I made, I liked the sound of "ink jet"

JOE meets World
- I used this one for awhile and even wanna kinda use it again...maybe.

- Another WWII character I made up named after I think a British nickname for the lee-enfield rifle...though I don't think he used one.

- Oldest screen name** ever...I think "Myne" was a Dragon Ball Z character I made up.

- Back in the day when it was punx to make fun of "scenesters". Now it is more proper to make fun of hipsters and I consider scenester to no longer be a pejorative...linguistic evolution!

- Deep...I am glad I moved on from whatever life stage I was in when I made this screen name.

- This is a quote said by Dale Gribble on King of the Hill. It still sounds kind of cool and like a weird euphemism for masturbation...
Here is a video from the scene:

Pro Nazi Hunter
- Another WWII referenced name, my profile said, "I'm on to you Nazi..."

SAR castic Mint
- My friend Corey had a dream where he was sitting in an airplane and saw a compass on the ground at his feet. He then somehow summoned the compass and it floated up to his hands...this was the dream. Based on this dream he changed his screen name to "TheFlyingCompass" and the "SAR castic Mint" is the first name I could come up with copying that name.

- A joke-hardcore band (or they could just be considered really posi) named Good Clean Fun song making fun of all the stereotypical things associated with Straight Edge crews...

Shrub Gnome
- Don't remember the origin of this name...

thats soOo ska
- At a family Christmas thing my cousin Ben commented on a See's Candies bag and said, "That's so ska". I was also pretty into ska at that point...pickitup pickitup pickitup.

- Me copying the LiveJournal name of someone who posted photos of hardcore shows (which in retrospect weren't anything special). His name was "xsheepx" and looking back on it now, he really didn't listen to all too great hardcore either. He was from the UK so maybe the UK just has lame hardcore bands?

- Probably the dumbest screen name ever.

I liked compiling this list because it gave me a chance to stroll down memory lane. Usually when I think about my past-self I actually get sorta down but this was a more positive-feeling-inducing entry.

*This is a kind of music that is pretty much punk but if anything, faster and with more bursts of gang vocals sprinkled throughout their songs. I guess it is more proper to call it "hardcore punk" but there are so many sub-genres within it that it seems kind of--too much, to have a sub-genre with different sub-genres. It is kind of annoying telling people that I listen to hardcore music because (a)they either make really bad jokes about how serious or pissed off a band can sound like or be about a topic (b)the only hardcore bands people are super crappy Christian bands.

**And I know I have even more screen names. The oldest one had "papercut" in the name.


Alan said...

That is a ridiculous number of screen names.

Kiki said...

I really liked your momma is a comma...