Thursday, March 13, 2008

By popular demand.

Well since there were so many fan emails on the subject I figured I would make a post in the time I had at the computer at my job before Deidre comes in, which is three minutes.

Darwin Day was a while ago but I need to post more of my photos and such so here are a few ok BASS club photos,
Sam, who is the leg of the club. We had a discussion and the reason why he's the leg is because if he were cut off from the club, would be hopping around on one leg, which leaves kicking ass virtually impossible.

Vince, the token music snob of the club, sadly his snobbery kicks my own in the balls.

Roy, president-not-mandated-by-Michael Shermer.

Deidre has been here for awhile, she needs to do her job.
Joe Creason