Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Long Time, No Blog, baby

Quick updates to let you all know I'm still a live.

-still at UCLA
-still interested in becoming a primatologist
-although I haven't said much on this blog per se, still interested in photography
-still interested in math, to the point where I want to teach it to k-12 students whilst going to grad school, which is a bigggggggg maybe still.
-still street

I want to update this more, but I obviously will prioritize real life to this blog. I also want to talk about how I rationality-ly kicked a right wing wish-I-had-a-Fox News-show speakers ass last night and yeah. Even though I am I guess an adult now, it's still cool to me disproving an adult who's used to getting into arguments with others on points and having them seem like morons. Yes that basically means it's cool that I make jerks feel stupid, of course I'll elaborate later.

but now, Math!
Joe Creason


Roy said...


Alan said...

I wish to echo Roy's loud, misspelled request.

Susan Harris said...

you want to teach kids math? I just want to make them put on Thanksgiving plays.