Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Home Alone IX, Kevin is left alone, again, in the DORMS!

Before going to work today I was walking up a large outdoor stairway containing a bunch of high school students field-trippin' UCLA. I had a teacher come up to me at the top of the stairway and say to me, "Do you think we can't see your headphones?" He might have said 'I can't see..." I was in fact, wearing my headphones so I didn't hear him too well. He then continued to say, "Oh wait, your not my student" as I was taking off my headphones to ask him to restate what he said, which I ended up doing so as he made the just mentioned statement.

I then asked, "Did you think I was your student?" to which he responded, "Yeah, are you a student here?" and I just said ye--look this story seemed more interesting in my head, right you really feel like all you do is state the obvious when you attempt to textualize a speech event like this wild and crazy one.

Argh, now I don't wanna talk about how old I look to people still.

I don't think I've mentioned this but I am pretty much spending Spring Break alone in the dorms. It's only me, Sam 'The Fightin' BASS Leg' Kim, and the repair and custodial fleet inhabiting the hill (For those not going to UCLA, that's what we use to reference the elevated area containing the residence halls. Also, for my international readers, ! !-ka!! Hun-nah-!!--You know what I'm talking about).

It's nice because my crazy parents aren't there, my douchey brother doesn't share the bathroom with me, I can control the heat/AC, and in contrast to if I were to stay at home; I can actually eat food here. The only food my house has is canned enchilada sauce (btw, I spelled enchilada right, on the first try!) and a motely crue of condiments.

But this isn't about me complaining about my parents and sibling and house, it's more about telling it like it is, or just complaining about my dorm really quickly before I go and put reference books away.

Now, I understand that yeah, it's Spring Break, it's the perfect time to fix up the place. But is it too hard to ask that the checking of every single fire-detector in my dorm-complex be held off until AFTER 10:00 am? Seriously, everything they decide to fix is scheduled prioritizing loudness first, and starts at 7:00 am.

I didn't sleep at all last night cause I was lame so I was lucky enough to miss out on my fire-detector going off at 8:45 am scaring the living crap out of me-awake. To make up for not doing so, it went off five freaking times within ten minutes, just to be fair you know?

Anyways, I do like being alone, not that I dislike my roommate either its just, I like to complain and been listening to old Loveline episodes and almost forgot what a well crafted misanthroporical rant can do for a truly bitter person.

More content later, I swear, Roy.
Joe Creason


Alan said...

I didn't know you were staying here for the break. Just last night, as I was walking through the ghost town that De Neve Plaza has become, I pitied the poor souls still confined to their dorm rooms without even a dining hall to support them. I guess you are one of those poor souls. Let me know if you'd like access to a kitchen today or tomorrow -- after that I'm going out of town until Sunday.

Joe Creason said...

Where do you live, Alan? I think I'll go on aim...

Anonymous said...