Thursday, May 29, 2008

I now put ZZ Top to Shame

Being Single

I complain about this a lot but hopefully I won't fall into that type of post tonight but yeah being single makes me have the ability to not deny the following,

I have a crush on every girl. Ever.

It's true, it's kind of interesting to think about because this is one of the few times I am aware of the power girls have over me. You it well ladies, don't get cocky and power hungry with it.

But seriously folks, my short attention span cannot handle stopping whatever I'm doing at a given time whenever I think, "Hey is she wearing sandals, or flats?" I need to make things count in this fast past world here!

I now see that saying anymore on this subject will be just straight-up, low-down complaining about girl problems which is really not necessary. Therefore, I shall wrap this post up.

To explain my blog title, I now possess the most manly beard ever. No, not really. Apparently people think that having really long, borderline-red colored patches of hair on my face look good on me. So far it makes me fear that people think I should have a goatee, and having one offends me so much people.

Stay clean, clear and in charge people.

Joe Creason


Joey said...

Isn't that funny how that works? Not the beard, but the crushing on every girl ever thing. I guess the beard thing too.

Roy said...

Girls are powerful. I kinda have the same problem, but it's with every other girl. So it's 50% of your problem.

Hail the flats!

Alan said...

I have a similar problem: I want to crush every squirrel.

Okay, not really.