Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wearing only band shirts

Is definitely one of my best worthless habits I have chosen to maintain for the following 2 and a half reasons.

1. Whilst wearing my Final Fight shirt, I met kate on campus who also enjoys hardcore. UCLA doesn't have kids who listen to hardcore, I think it was against their policy or something and as a transfer I scammed my way in...

2. Just yesterday someone said nice shirt to me referring to my shirt! If you need more details, it was a punk-err punx! band named Ampere. At UCLA there are people who have heard of Ampere but they're Electrical Engineering majors and they know a different non-band Ampere, i.e. what amp is short for. Hey! I managed to squeeze in a science fact!
This one gets better cause said person Mallory also is good at photography, she's just so far pretty awesome but I think one more comment in regards to her will officially be creepy...ok it kind of is already I know.

and the Half. For this I was clad in a Swings Kids shirt and also by way of BASS met a good friend Vince. He made it obvious that he knew of the band and since then has made it very obvious that he knows of a lot of bands. Very.

Why half you say? That is a half short of one! Well Vince by way of not caring for Swing Kids later let me in on his thought of me based upon that shirt, that I was some douchebag Swing Kids fan.

Thus it follows that that was a total Dick-thought, -1/2.

Anyways, I am only blogging cause yeah, I never do.
Joe Creason

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Joey said...

Yay blog! Yay band shirts? Sure!