Thursday, June 12, 2008

That might just be the case

I might just be sleep-deprived, depressed as all hell, sick, exhausted both mentally and physically, bitter, pissed, annoyed, frustrated, flustered, and absurdly miserable right now and that could be doing the talking here but I have one more final tomorrow before I officially finished a year of schoolin' at UCLA.

And it freaking sucked like no other. I haven't used this blog for anything new at all. I promise I'll write about monkeys and academic stuff, honest.

That stuff requires a less pissed off Joe though, colobines don't deserve such a character talking about them. I think the one thing I learned for sure is, monkeys are definitely more interesting than people. Why? People are douchebags' why.

Joe Creason

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Joey said...

Also, monkeys with guns?