Friday, June 25, 2010

Me attempting art again

I have recently listened to Eugene Mirman's newest Stand-Up album and it is probably the his best album in density of laughage. What I mean by that is all of his albums are great but this one I believe Eugene has finally become the "comedic missile" he has always wished to be.

Another wonderful part about this album is that he wrote a radio-theater play with 3 acts and everything! It is unbelievably hilarious and he gets other comedians to perform different roles and stuff. Here it is on YouTube:

**I suggest that you listen to the thing first otherwise you will not only have one of the gags spoiled for you but you will also not get what the hell is going on**

Near the end of it there is a joke that I found hilarious and I was so inspired that I drew a picture in reference to the joke. Here is a VERY rough sketch of what I hope to clean up and eventually coax my artistically literate friend Ariel to make colorful and pretty:

Basically Eugene complains about Delta Airlines and I also HATE Delta Airlines. On my way back from Costa Rica they charged for watching movies and TV shows. They didn't just say, "hey buy these headphones and you can watch whatever you want" they made it so each individual movie and episode cost money! This isn't freakin' Orwellian 1984!

What I hope to ultimately do is send this to Eugene, have him write me back telling me how awesome I am, Change the background of his website to this sketch and finally help me reach my goal of becoming rich and famous then end up living in and out of rehab centers.

Joe Creason

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