Friday, November 2, 2007

Bloody Pocket Protector.

Hey kids,


I totally destroyed my Primate Behavior quiz that I had at ten this morning and it was the greatest feeling ever. It was as if I kicked it's ass, I took no crap from that thing and it was the coolest thing ever. I knew every single topic on it and knew each answer, hopefully I articulated the correct responses to each question, though. The problem with evolutionary subject matter in a quiz where you are required to give a quick description of something, is that it is easy to make everything sound like you're describing the same process.
I'm gonna look up the Baldwin Effect and see if I nailed it, of course Wikipedia is law written in stone with the blood of a thousand oaths (I liked that one) so if my answer is similar to Wikipedia's article on the subject, I know I'm good on at least one question....VICTORY!!! I nailed it, although it's pretty simple of an idea amongst many other ones evolution has to offer to tell the truth. But I couldn't put the title to that description before I took this class, so yeah.
Seriously, you have no idea how awesome this feels, I did terrible on the previous quiz and I didn't even finish it and that sucked cause this is my major, and even more specifically oriented towards my major because of science>culture whimsical crap. So it's awesome to know that if I sit down, create a just the facts review outline for the lecture notes before the class the night before, not only will I know the material well enough to give my own examples but also to do so under the time given for the test. BADASS!!!
It feels like I kicked major ass, and the test was conceptual short-answered, none of that bullshit multiple choice stuff, it's as if I kicked a smart kids ass and took his glasses as a trophy to hang on my wall of ass-kickery.

Now I have my Chemistry midterm to study for, I think I'll wait until after it to talk about it cause then I can kill two birds with one stone and discuss my annoyance with that class and the exact opposite feeling I will most likely have about my performance on the midterm. Also I need to study for it so I should stop this now.

I feel like if I'm going to do this 1st, 2nd...crap then I need at least three topics to talk about, and I also think this topic is a legitimate one to take the place of the third topic I'm talking about in this blog.

Joe Creason

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