Monday, November 5, 2007

Cleaning My Act Up.

Alright kids,

I need to clean up my act in school, I may look/think I look like I'm always study, but truth is I'm always procrastinating. And what's worse is that I'm not only effectively not getting any work done, I'm also messing up in school, not hanging out with people enough and making myself miserable. I need to learn how to better optimize my time, especially if I still don't want to screw up this quarter, or this whole damn thing.

There is really know reason to be on the down low about it, Maeve broke up with me, it is in fact the worst feeling of my entire life because she really was perfect. Like, she laughed at the same things I did, hated the same things I did, liked the same music I like, was interested in the same things I like and auuuuuugh she was so beautiful and all that crap. Well, now it's over and I respect her too much to ever want to even think mean things about her, but the thing is I need to like get over it, like, quickly. I do not want to think about her and all this damn high school angsty crap right now, I want to be smart, I want to get good grades, I want to do what's right.

I figured that I would have to write about it somewhere, and let it be here where I hope it'll just go buried in all the supposed more legitimate topics I should be talking about, but I have to really just except it AND most importantly move on.

So on that note, moving on.

I hate hate hate hate Chemistry, I'm sorry science, but Chemistry is the child in the family that has to make everything he talks about really tedious and crappy and I cannot make a good analogy for it, that's how crappy Chemistry is, usually I spit out pure gold! But not with you, you stupid spooty subject you.

Writing about getting off my ass and getting things done makes me want to, well get off my ass and get things done. But before I do so I must stress that I too, fear that I'll end up talking about the same thing over and over again in the journal, and I also will never ever update it as well. But fear not, I'm single, and I think I will attempt to write in this at the very least every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday because I have a gap from 11-1:00 pm where I see it as worthless to come back to my dorm and I will probably either play Day of Defeat or eat at the dining hall, and both are probably contributing to my getting fat. F and in the A.

Good night and regards,
Joe Creason


Veserius said...

Sorry man about Maeve, about school sucking, about everything basically.

Kudos on the attempt at a serious blog though. Hopefully it works out the way you want it to.

I'm assuming there will be pics eventually? I really do like your photography, and I think others do to.

Joe Creason said...

Yeah, well, I should have some up soon, I hope so.

Anna the Gleeb said...

Spooty is such an awesome word, I had to look it up. And then I realized you had referenced Angry Beavers, which is awesome. That show had the best theme song ever.

Anna the Gleeb said...

Slug!? Goddammit! :'(

Also, why do you have CAPTCHA (sp) on your blog? Are you racist against BLIND PEOPLE!!!

Sean said...

I think the first thing you need to do to get over Maeve is realize that Agnosticism is a silly profession, that it is a mere euphemism for atheism, and that you are actually in love with Jim.

Joe Creason said...

That's weird, that is exactly what my therapist told me...

Sean said...

For all the wrong reasons, i am assuming?