Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Chimp off the Old Block

Hey kids,

Before I talk about how I don't have time to talk about much, I want to make clear that if you did jump to the conclusion that I titled this entry based off of the Monkey News segment spouted by the brilliant Karl Pilkington, then I want to marry you. This is stated with complete awareness of any gender related issues. Seriously.


First and for what,
I need to stop writing this right now and leave to data crunch my Chimp field work, which is very very scantily done. That is, I have really boring and probably very obsolete (in terms of the project I have due in my Primate Behavior class) in the findings that I observed.
Hopefully this won't suck.

Joe Creason


Alan Jern said...

Joe, your illustration of Perry's desired afterlife is fucking awesome.

Joe Creason said...

Haha, I made it a while ago, I want to clean it up though. You know, draw it on nicer paper and scan it and finish it up with photoshop. I also want to give it to the guy (Matt?) who runs the site but I'm afraid of how dated the whole thing is now.