Friday, November 9, 2007

Dag Nabbit.

Well I was completely wrong on how well I did on my primate behavior test. I was really really wrong and I can't believe how wrong I was too, and I want to blame the fact that I got the most trivial types of questions wrong and almost all of the short answer/paragraph questions right. It's frustrating to get that stuff right and not the other stuff, I hate the idea that I have to go back and learn basic details on subjects at a time where I am very belated in doing that said process. This just makes me get behind on the current subjects we're studying now, and it's so annoying how hard it is for me to kick myself in the ass to get caught up, and to do so at an good time.

I hate thinking that I worked my ass off at Long Beach City for two years and ruined my social life and alienated my ex-girlfriend in that time span only to come to UCLA and just not be smart enough.
Are community colleges really just watered down? Is my form of learning and studying only productively rewarding at the academic level of a two year college and simply not good enough for universities? That's too sweeping of a statement I know but in my specific case does this mean that I'm not smart enough for UCLA? How the hell could I be so sure of myself on this damn test and my math test and manage such terrible scores?
Why am I failing so miserably at everything I do, this blows beyond anything. This is compounded by the large amount of control that I have over this situation and the large amount of misuse I am handling my control, I want to do better in these classes but now I've just ruined my chances of keeping my GPA at a good level. I am utterly useless, and the only way to change that is through getting these grades up.

3rdly, and finally,
This blog did just become another cry fest, but for some reason I like blogger's design and way it's set up more than live journal, so it seems having a more quality packed blog will have to slum to a more quantitative bitching blog. But whatever, even the blogs of the people I find interesting I do not read in detail, so how could I possibly have anyone actually care about the details in this blog?

Joe Creason

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