Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holy Crap!

I just found out through my saga of not doing my homework that the new Indiana Jones movie means that there is going to be a lot of Indy-themed merchandise, aka toys that I wish were around when it was acceptable to still play with toys! I say 'acceptable' because I'll probably go and buy these small little plastic pieces of pure joy.

I mean, look!

He comes with a gun, a whip, a golden idol, a sword and a crap load more awesome items!
I really hope that they make characters not just from the most current movie, because that would mean that you could have the Thugee Leader for Indy to fight with! And he could come with a sacrificed heart! WHOA!

Also, Lego is gonna make some stuff too, I will sock any little kid in my path to the aisle that contains them, I am serious.

The little piece of childhood that I lost long ago has just risen from the dead and ate my brains, in the sense that my brains metaphorically represents...I dunno zombies were what came to my mind when I thought about the little piece of my childhood that died but was resurrected, I'll make a Jesus metaphor later when I don't need to eat and do homework.

Joe Creason

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Joey said...

Those are all amazing. ESPECIALLY the Legos!